Privacy Policy

We, 2 Year Loans fully appreciate the value of personal data especially in the matter of miss use. By the nature of services we extend to the people, we have to acquire vital personal data.

Not only that, we have to share vital information with our associate lenders, securely store the data as also allow the authorised individuals to have easy access to the data.

With regards to protecting privacy of borrowers seeking installment loans for bad credit, the situation is no different. Rather in case of these loans, the likelihood of longer duration puts more responsibility on us for holding and protection of your data.

At 2 Year Loans, we are always geared to let you feel adequately comfortable with safe handling and storage of your valuable data at anytime.

We work within a strict framework of Privacy Policy for every type of financial activities including installment loans for bad credit. We do not sell data for any commercial purposes. Outside the involvement of loans, we expose personal information only to the individuals authorised by law for specific inquests.

Our Privacy Policy means using the most advanced technology to protect the data and maintain the system with latest technology upgradation. We use SSL encryption to handle the data via internet as also store in technological facilities.

We always remind our users to go through the Privacy Policy to play their part in security. They can choose their options for disabling cookies to protect their browsing habit. They can also take their decision to avoid or check various the business ad links placed on our website.